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Attention Valued Patients:

We strive to make your visits to our offices as comfortable and informative as possible. Our staff is trained to show compassion and offer assistance to each and every patient who walks through our door. We are also aware that there are times that a situation arises and a patient may feel that they have not received the attention that they would have desired at one of our locations. If there is ever a time when you are not 100% satisfied with the welcoming assistance and attention that our support staff have given you; or you are not completely happy with the attention that our providers have given you, WE WANT YOU TO let us hear about it. We will fix what ever the problem is to the best of our ability. We ask that you give us the opportunity to remedy the concern, fix the problem and make it right.

Below is a list of phone numbers and a link you may use to contact us or our patient relations department. We want to maintain our relationship with you, and will do what it takes to keep you as a patient!!

Our administrative office phone number is (321) 676-9790, then dial the extension 285.

In addition, you can reach our Director of Operations, Sandy Betts, at (321) 951-1010

Or our Administrative Assistant, Yvette Escobar-Jones, at (321) 951-1010

Our company President, Dr. Subhash Thareja, can be reached at (321) 951-1010.

We can also be reached on this page. You will be able to send an email to anyone you choose, for example; "To Billing department, or To Manager of Lynn Meyer's office, etc.

Your email will then be routed to the correct department.

Please don't hesitate to contact us, we are here for you. And, as we said, we try to take care of all issues to the satisfaction of the patient. Please give us the chance to fix a problem before you look elsewhere for another provider. Our patients are like family to us, we want to keep our family close!